I'm here to help you create a polished professional Showit website in the most efficient & affordable way possible.

Carissa Erickson

Hey there friend.

Creating an amazing website is harder than it seems. Between learning & navigating complicated technology and trying to create the perfect color scheme... designing a website is not easy!

You don’t want to spend any more time on a design that doesn’t quite fit, and a website that doesn’t quite work.

You'd love it if someone would take over and design a strategic website that is polished, professional and reflects you and your business in the best way.

Let me guess...

You spent hours hunched over your computer DIY-ing your website... and the result is a little cringey.

Don't feel bad.

But wait a minute.

You aren't ready for a super expensive custom design

You're still refining your niche and offers. Your business is still evolving.

That's where I come in.

My website design process is the MOST efficient and affordable way to uplevel from your DIY starter site to a professional Showit website.

I help you create a website that reflects you and your brand, connects with your ideal clients, and helps your business GROW.

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"I spent 5 weeks trying to get something, anything, up and working with no luck. The photos didn't fit the template, the words looked terrible and and hooking up all the tech jazz was a nightmare."

Kim Wright - leadership coach

"My DIY wordpress website was getting confusing with all the offers, and unclear CTAs. And mostly, when I looked at other copywriter's websites, I felt embarrassed about mine!"

Lauren Van Mullem - Copywriter

"I was overwhelmed about creating my own website. I was also overwhelmed about trying to pick someone to do my website. Having Carissa develop this for me has saved me so much time!!"

Michelle Kirk - Reiki Master & Medical Intuitive

"I had a product that I thought provided value but was unsure exactly how to connect and market my ideas. I was also spending so much time on inefficient client communication, and registration & payment processes."

Nolan Horbach - Hockey Coach

Here's what my clients say:

How do you know it's time to hire a pro to design your website?

Meet Rosie, my mini goldendoodle.
Otherwise known as 'the boss of me.'
Seriously though... who could resist that face???

I'm *kinda* obsessed with my dog


I'm an Engineer, so I come by it honestly ; )

I love taking courses, doing research, comparing platforms, studying designs, following trends and figuring out simple processes that work.

Good news... That means you don’t have to!

I'm a total nerd


Don’t even ask me to make images fly onto your page, or use a million flashy colors.

If you are into clean, simple, effective design, we’ll get along great! 

I hate design gimmicks


The personality profile roundup:

Human Design Projector
Enneagram 3 (or 8? or 4?)... if you can help me figure this out once and for all PLEASE send me an email hello@carissaerickson.com!!!



A little more about me...

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Is your business ready for a website uplevel?

Um, Yes!